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The home of Mongolian bbq in Wellington


A world of flavour in Wellington

At The Genghis Khan we know exactly the right ingredients to run an authentic Mongolian bbq restaurant, which is why you'll never regret a single dining experience with us!

We specialise in creating an unforgettable Mongolian bbq experience for you and your friends or family to treat yourselves with. 

Our chef cooks your meals fresh, right before your very eyes, and with our all-you-can-eat policy we know you'll be back for seconds!

For a spectacular dining experience, visit The Genghis Khan in Wellington today.


Finally, hand the bowl to our chef who will cook the food for you in just one minute on our gas-fired barbeque. Watch and wait and then return to your table with your bowl. The waitress will bring you our special bread rolls (Shao Ping) made by our chef this morning. These are particularly nice filled with barbeque food.

Return again at your leisure. Take a new bow and take your time. Avoid a queue beyond the food counter, it will soon pass. If you are in a large group, go in small numbers.

We hope you enjoy yourself. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask your waitress.

Call us now to reserve a table and find out why eating out at The Genghis Khan has become an institution in Wellington.


Our restaurant has been designed specifically to enhance your exciting all-you-can-eat experience. Here's how our Mongolian bbq in Wellington works. Help yourself to a bowl from the food display cabinet and choose from the selection of noodles and vegetables. Then select the meat portions of your choice:
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Any combination
Follow through to the sauces and spices of your choice. From our experience, you will learn the combination most tasty for you; our chef recommends a little of each. Try a little chilli oil, before you try chilli powder. 
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